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FXPAK Pro Setup

The FXPAK Pro, formerly known as the SD2SNES, is a really neat little flash cart with awesome compatibility with almost all SNES games in the entire library! It's super easy to set up but still might be confusing for someone completely new to it, so this mini guide is here to help!

If you don't already have an FXPAK Pro, definitely consider getting one! They're not cheap, but when you consider the trade-off of being able to play your whole collection of SNES games on one cart on the original system or equivalent, it's pretty worthwhile! I love using it to play fan translations of RPGs on the system they were made for. So if you're considering buying one, I highly recommend Stone Age Gamer! I've had nothing but good experiences buying my flash carts from them.



  1. Once you have your FXPAK Pro and a micro SD card (4 to 64 GB), use your comptuer to format the micro SD card with FAT32.
  2. Download the latest firmware for the FXPAK Pro. Extract the sd2snes folder from the .zip into the root directory of your micro SD card.
  3. Download all of the enhancement chip files and place them in the sd2snes folder on the micro SD card.
  4. Create a new folder in the root directory of the micro SD card (NOT in the sd2snes folder). Call it whatever you like; roms, games, etc. This is where you will put your ROM files. Instead of one ROM folder, I like to put multiple folders that are titled after the genre so that my games are more neatly sorted. (Action, Adventure, Puzzle, RPG, and so on.)
  5. That's it! Put your micro SD card in the slot on the FXPAK Pro and go! If you're running into issues running any games, make sure you check the Incompatibility List under the Resources section. If you're still having issues, please read the FAQ on the official page for the FXPAK Pro.
Optional Step: Use the unofficial firmware from here instead of the official one to have save state capabilities for games that do not use a special chip.

I hope that this guide was helpful. Have fun! :)