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I'm just a lady in my 30s who's really passionate about RPGs from my adolescence. The first RPG I ever played was either Crystalis or Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest. I spent a lot of my childhood watching my siblings play games like Final Fantasy III (FF6), Chrono Trigger, and Ultima, so it's no wonder I grew passioante about the genre. My first RPG that was all my own and not the family's was Legend of Mana. We weren't very well off, so we were always behind on consoles until after the PS2 came out. For most of the '90s we were an SNES household. We didn't get a PS1 until the late 90s!

The Folder
I started this web page because of my fascination with video game magazine advertisements. When I was school-aged, I would go through my own magazines and gently tear out the ads (mostly for RPGs) that I liked and tucked them into a folder. This folder went with me everywhere. Soon after, friends and my brother started offering to let me take ads from their magazines, too. My friends mostly had modern ones, but my brother had a lot from the early 90s. I had amassed quite a collection of ads by the time I stopped! I never could figure out why I did stop, but I can only assume I had a little guilt for "destroying" these magazines, even if it was just a few pages here and there. But I didn't really have a concept of value for such things back then. Even so, I still have the folder today but now I stick to admiring the ads through PDFs that people have meticulously put together. But it's a lot of work to go through so many volumes, so I figured I'd clean up any RPG ads I found and share them on this web page for those also curious, but lacking the time to go digging through PDFs, themselves. It's a fun look back at gaming history!

The ad that started it all.
I think it's amazing that so many people have done what they have to preserve old gaming magazines so that we can still see all of these ads, reviews, previews, and more with relative ease. A huge thank you to the community at Retromags for all of their hard work!

I liked collecting RPG previews and reviews, too.

Q: Do you plan on adding magazine ads from other regions?
A: While I'd love to add them from every region, just handling magazines from the United States is an absurd undertaking. I'll definitely add one from another region if someone e-mails it to me, but otherwise this won't be happening anytime in the near future.

Q: Do you plan on adding anything after 6th Gen?
A: No, not outside of titles in the Directories. I don't have as much fondness for 7th Gen and on as I do for 6th Gen and earlier.


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